Information For New/Continuing Members

Welcome! We hope you find Danawa at Spring Creek a wonderful place to grow organic food as well as share produce and knowledge.

Before you complete the attached application for membership form, please read the information provided below.  Once your membership application is received, we will organise a welcome tour of the site and facilities.  

Our Facebook page is Danawa at Spring Creek Community Garden for the use of members to share gardening tips, recipes, meet-ups and events at the Garden.  Reliable information, enquiries or concerns are generated through  The Garden has a regular column in Springboard, the quarterly publication of Spring Creek Community House. 


To further develop and maintain a beautiful and nurturing space where individuals, families and groups may grow nutritious, organic vegetables, fruit and flowers and to share the space with others in our community. The sustainable principles of permaculture, caring for each other and our environment, will be practised while recognising the cultural significance of the site to Wathaurung people.


Single Membership - full member of the Association, with voting rights. You agree with the Purposes of the Association, and the conditions of the Members Agreement (see below), and its expected that you will participate in the activities of the garden, in particular, regular attendance at Working Bee sessions (the second Saturday of the month).

Family Membership - Same as 'Single Membership', above - but with votes for each family member registered 15 years and over.

Plot Holder - In addition to your membership you have been allocated a garden plot for your personal use. Plot Holders are active participants in managing the shared garden areas and follow the Plot Guidelines (see below)


The By-Laws of the Garden, agreed to at the AGM in 2018, give a summary of the responsibilities and expectations that come with being a member and form part of the Rules of the Association (link below). 

  • Communication   Polite, respectful communication in the Garden, site diary, emails, on Facebook and other social media.

  • Dogs   Dogs must be controlled at all times and, if requested, held on a leash. Owners must pick up after them and ensure they do not foul the vegetables.   

  • Drug and smoke free zone  The Garden is a drug and smoke free zone.  Alcohol may be permitted for organised events.

  • Events  You may use Garden facilities for small gatherings. For 12 or more, a $50 charge applies. Book through the Secretary.

  • Expenditure  All items of expenditure are to be organised through and approved by the Committee.

  • Gardening and Maintenance  Members to contribute at least two hours per month on average to approved tasks such as gardening, maintenance of site, or composting.

  • Harvesting   Each member to share the harvest, only taking sufficient fruit and vegetables required for a couple of meals at a time.

  • Organic Garden  Members to use biological organic methods for controlling pests and to enrich or rest the soil.

  • Pizza Oven and BBQ  Pizza oven and BBQ to be operated by people who have been trained in their effective and safe use.

  • Plot holders  

    1.     If a plot is neglected and if no arrangement is agreed with the Committee, the plot will be forfeited.

    2.    Tall, spreading, or invasive plants are not permitted to be planted in plots.

    3.    Control all weeds to prevent the weeds seeding and infesting other areas of the garden.

  • Problems detected   Briefly note problems in Site Diary and report via email to the Committee.

  • Propagation House  Label with member’s name and seedling type when growing seedlings in the Propagation House.

  • Representation  The Garden is represented by Committee and Committee approval must be obtained before acting on behalf of the Garden.

  • Safety  Safe use and storage of all tools and equipment.

  • Security   Ensure tools, equipment, including hoses, are locked in the sheds, the kitchen locked after use, and tennis court gate closed.
    The code to locks must not be shared with non-members.

  • Shelter  Ensure shelter and kitchen is left clean and tidy with blinds rolled up.

  • Site Diary  When attending the Garden, use the Site Diary located beside the whiteboard.  

  • Vehicles   Vehicles enter Garden for delivery/pick up only, unless special arrangement is made with a Committee member.


AGREEMENT  I have read and understand the Information for Members and agree to follow the Rules and by-laws.