Committee Report for year ended 30 June 2018

This has been a challenging year, as you are all aware, and, at the outset, the Committee would like to thank you all for your support, particularly for attending the recent General Meeting, or sending along your apologies. 

Despite the distractions, the Garden is in great shape and there are a lot of ideas coming in for improvements, not only for the physical space but also for building the community.  One example has been the musical moments held twice through the year and enjoyed by the ten, and then twenty or so who attended or took part.  Another example is the planned renovation of the outdoor space in front of the pizza oven – making room for sitting in the sun during the colder days.  We are also excited about the seven raised beds and the watering system which can now be installed.  The two grants received, one for the watering system, and the other for a generator to power tools, etc., have been another encouraging step forward.

The Committee would like to acknowledge the eight years contribution made by Kay and Ian Champion who have moved across the Bay. Kay always put her hand up to help in any direction and we valued her support.  Rob Porter, another long-term helper, has been beavering away with the lawn mower consistently through the years, and Graeme always turns up when needed.  We also need to mention Steve and his composting team, which has included Felix and now Aiden, as well as Mark - really enthusiastic and producing such good material for the Garden.  

Other new members, like Aiden, who have contributed to our working bees include Louise, Jeff, Lynne, Melissa, Kay, Bec, Hayley, Jenny, Joanne and Jessica.  We’ve had 17 new members join during the year, and not all have been able to really get involved.  Jeff has been tireless in his clearing of weeds and scrub, and planting ‘magic beans’. Louise and Jeff helped with the dirty job of shaking out the tennis court matting and hauling it on site for use as weed mats.  Finally, Melissa stepped in as Treasurer and greatly assisted on legal matters.

We’ve enjoyed good times together during the working bees and the Committee is keen to let every member feel that they can contribute in some way. Today, we’ve started the conversation, asking you to come up with tasks you think need doing, and resources you may have that can help – your time, knowledge and/or equipment. 

Education is now a priority and Hayley has introduced a permaculture group and we’ve begun creating fact sheets and posting them up on the board. This is a project that can be developed with all of us contributing and learning together.  Promotion of the Garden to our friends and acquaintances is another recommendation in order for more to enjoy the space and help build its future.

The Garden has a lot to offer all of us and we look forward to being a part of many happy and interesting times to come.

Richard Marks
On behalf of the Committee
29 July 2018

Posted on September 20, 2018 .