Danawa March-April

On behalf of Danawa Community Garden, we warmly welcome Taryn and Aiden, Tim, and Rebecca to the Association. We know you’ll enjoy spending time in the Garden, and being part of this caring community.

Overview:   Working bees, Musical moments, those jolly locks!, etc.

Working Bee
Our next monthly Working Bee will be on Saturday 14 April (second Saturday in the month).
But before that – join us for more musical moments on Saturday 24 March – see below!

Monster March working bee:  It was a fantastic turn-out last Saturday: fifteen members, including five of our newest members, plus Meg’s fun-loving children.  Some photos below for those who aren’t on Facebook, Danawa Gardeners, or haven’t seen some of these images yet:  

Clearing the communal plots that will be replaced with raised beds, and clearing five raised beds that will be used for autumn planting while new communal beds are being built.

We also lightly pruned half the trees in the north end of the garden, and began corrective pruning (after consulting an expert) on the pear, apple and plum trees in the south end. This will encourage tall vase shapes, making it safer to walk and mow the grass between the trees. Pruning of the plum tree last year resulted in a platter shape, so this should promote a more vertical direction.          

Musical moments
The Mens’ Shed and Balalaika players will be back on Saturday 24 March, 3 to 6pm.  We’ll have song sheets for you to join in the singing, or bring a musical instrument. A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Sadly, more equipment has gone missing from the shed and the locks have been found in place but showing the code. We will need to change the locks so let us know if you need access. For security, ensure that when you’ve opened the lock (and door), you spin the wheels straight away. Similarly, when locking up, it’s important to spin them again after using the code.

Things to do between working bees
Pull a weed or two as you water your plot, or water the communal beds. Also, we are starting to systematically remove old/withered/partly eaten fruit from the trees. John Purtill emphasised this as a basic task for maintaining their health, along with removing any diseased or broken twigs or branches. Cut just above a healthy bud.

We have a few jobs to complete during autumn/winter. Richard will be approaching people in the next while to see if you’re interested.

Clearing the drain
A big thanks to Dan for helping clear the drain that runs through the Garden. Really important to keep this clear of weeds, pulled weeds and plants, tree branches, etc.  The grass will also be kept low to help keep this clean. 

Posted on April 18, 2018 .