Danawa News 2018

The New Year brings delicious fruit to harvest, new members, new working bees!

Fruit picking - join us tomorrow (February) in the Garden at 4.30pm. Most of the late season fruit is ready to harvest!

The apple and pear trees are bursting with fruit and ready to pick! Heritage apples (the dwarf ones), Granny Smith, Jonathon, and more ... Even the apples and pears fallen to the ground and/or sampled by the birds are gorgeous! There are Packham’s Triumph pears, Beurre Brosc and William Bon Chretien pears ready for the picking.

The Green Gage or Golden Gage plums were harvested by Tiffany Bennett the other day – if you’re in contact with her, see if you can have a few.  

Quince  The Quince tree is laden with fruit.  Great for paste or just stew with honey for a mouthwatering dessert.


New Members: Welcome to Lynne Ferguson, Melissa Cox, Jenny Norman and Kay Comodromos!  


 f  Danawa Gardener

Remember, this is our Facebook page. Recipes are always gladly received as well as tips on gardening, or notice of excess produce to share. 

Sadly, Tiffany Bennett and Nina Travis are still operating an unauthorised page passing off as Danawa Community Garden which confuses new members and the public in general. We've formally asked Tiff three times to close it down. 

Music in the Garden: the mandalin players and Mens' Shed can't wait to return for some more music making. Will keep you posted!

Compost and ponies!  Just in case you missed it in the Surf Coast Times or on Danawa Gardeners ...

Thanks again Steve and Lulubelle, with help from Felix and Mark Drill. 

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race - Four members and another 7 friends raised $550 by volunteering. A big thank you to Giuliana, Lynda, Donna, Colin, David, Joan, David Boyle, Marjorie and Bill, Richard. 

Shed - and locks! Two mattocks, a potato fork and crowbar went missing. The shed has been found to be unlocked on several occasions. Make sure you spin wheels after locking to ensure you scramble the code.

Vandals - The Shire is looking into helping us out with security over weekends. 

Watering Team -  The plants and trees thank you Meg (Sun) Jeff (Mon) Lynda (Tue) June (Wed) Judy/Dani (Thur) Graeme (Fri) and Giuliana (Sat).  

Watering system - The main north communal beds will be gradually revamped with help from members. The round shapes will be replaced with raised rectangle beds, allowing plenty of room for wheelbarrows and access from the driveway to the shelter.  

Working Bee - Just once a month now - call in between 10am and 4pm the second Saturday of each month. Steve was saying it was a great help to him working as a team - it seriously cuts voluntary labour in half!

Payments - EFT details are given below and on the Become a Member page. There is no longer a facility for direct payments from danawa.org.au.  
BSB 633 000 Account No. 143328003 

Posted on February 27, 2018 .