Danawa in July

Hello gardening members

Over the next couple of weeks we will be concentrating our efforts on preparing for a Pruning Day on 23 July.  Also to note:

§  No official working bees this month.

§  When you are at Danawa please do some weeding – they are thriving.

§  Adopt a fruit tree! (Explanation further below.)

§  Upcoming AGM mentioned at the end of this email - attached forms are explained.


Great news!  Bunnings have donated a wonderful array of tools and equipment from a ‘wish list’ we provided them a couple of weeks ago.  (Thank you Steve and Giulliana for initiating this.)

Bunnings Torquay have given Danawa some quality items:

§  one digging fork

§  two spades

§  two watering cans

§  three pairs of secateurs

§  three hand trowels

§  bird netting

§  one set of hose fittings and spray nozzles

§  a new first aid kit


Pruning Day   Sunday 23 July – Drop in any time from 10am until 4pm

Our fruit trees are ready for a professional prune!

John Purtill, a well known heritage fruit tree expert, has agreed to spend the day down at Danawa to instruct members who are interested on how to properly go about pruning. 

Bring your sharp secateurs!

Danawa will jointly host this event with the Torquay Urban Fruit Farmers (TUFF).  Thank you to members of (TUFF) for organising this event (some of whom are also members of Danawa), and for obtaining a donation to cover the fee for John’s services. 

We acknowledge this generous donation ($300) given by Tim Carson of McCartney Real Estate.

Members of neighbouring community gardens – Aireys Inlet, Anglesea and the new Torquay North – have also been invited to attend.

There will be something hot to drink and eat all through the day (sausage sizzle, soup, tea, coffee) and, of course, cake! 

As members co-hosting this event, let me know if you would like to assist - bring some soup or cake to share.  However, don’t stay home if you can’t contribute in this way – no pressure! - come and enjoy the day.  It’s an opportunity to get to know one another.

Adopt a Danawa Fruit Tree?

A member has suggested some lucky people might like to adopt one of Danawa’s fruit trees.  Who'd like to be one of the lucky ones?

By being the tree’s carer you’ll be responsible for all the things the trees love - clearing and mulching underneath, pruning, ensuring it gets a deep monthly water, then letting members know via Facebook when the fruit is ready to pick.  You’ll get help to get started, and then recruit your family or co-members to help. A fun thing to be involved in!

Let us know by return if you want to hug a tree!

Annual General Meeting(AGM)

Another opportunity to meet members of Danawa.  We are finalising the details – for it to be held locally (probably at the Spring Creek Community House) later this month, or in August. 

You will receive a formal notice by email along with a couple of forms, which are also attached here.

One is for you to complete if you wish to nominate either yourself or another member to serve on the Committee.  We need a President, Treasurer and Secretary, and five other members to either be a Vice President, Members’ Secretary, Social Secretary, Coordinator of Gardening, and Maintenance and Building Coordinator.

The other form can be used if you think you will be unable to attend the AGM.  Ask a member if they would vote for you and complete the form accordingly.  You can either state who you want them to vote for, or empower them to vote on your behalf as they see fit.

Enjoy this month at Danawa!


On behalf of the Committee

Posted on August 8, 2017 .