Danawa in June

Despite the cooler weather (and rain), many of you have been busy in the Garden, and it shows!  Regular fertilising and keeping on top of the weeding between the seedlings will pay off. Most of the paths between the beds are looking clear of weeds and are well mulched.  The area along the tennis court fence has also been cleared. Some of the fruit trees have been freed from choking grass and weeds and have been mulched to the dripline.  The artichoke bed has been boxed and is looking rather smart. 

Here are some reminders and a list of jobs to tackle in June. Further below, and attached, is an invitation from the Shire to attend Power Up this Saturday.


Bins    Council picks up rubbish Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Place them outside the driveway gate by the road next to the end of the low fence.

Diary   Pick 'n' Plants and working bees (with hot cuppa and something good to eat)

            Each Saturday at 10am, and

            2-4pm Saturday 10th and Sunday 25th  


-  Regular watering is not necessary for this month. Thank you to all who have maintained this roster.

-  Digging rushes out of drains where they are obstructing water flow.

-  Freeing the rest of the fruit trees of grass and weeds - layer old carpet to discourage weed growth, fertilise and mulch to the drip line.

 -  Moving the corrugated iron near entrance to storage.

-  Raising of mandala beds - ready for Spring. Richard and Jeremy will lead this work and would love volunteers to help lay and mortar bricks, and eventually prepare the beds for Spring planting.

-  Spring crops:  We can all start thinking about what we would like to plant in Spring. Bring your suggestions to reply email when they come to mind. 


Ongoing work:

o    fertilise everything with diluted worm wee or Seasol

o    weed between the new seedings

o    clean up and weed area between strawberry bed, sharing shed and olive tree (old carpet)

o    mulch each fruit tree to the dripline, keeping the trunk clear

o    private plots and paths between: keeping the weeds down and mulch

Keep warm!

June, Secretary

Posted on June 29, 2017 .