Danawa in May

We hope you are all enjoying the rain (!).  A bit of flooding experienced at Danawa, but it should quickly subside.  

THANK YOU to all who continue to maintain the garden: mowers, pruners, weeders, waterers, compost makers, mulchers, bin monitors, etc.!  (Just on bins ... It might be helpful for all to know that Council picks up rubbish from the bins Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.)

Starting today, you'll receive a monthly email to alert you to what is coming up in the month ahead at Danawa.  

After a wonderful autumn harvest, food production will quieten down for the next few months.  However, there is still much to do and you'll have at least ten opportunities to work as a group during May.  Also, there are still lots of leafy greens and herbs for helpers to share.

Firstly, we have the Pick 'n' Plants on Saturday 13th and Sunday 28th from 2pm to 4pm - with a  hot cuppa and cake!

Tasks, coordinated by Giuliana, will include:

  • fertilise everything with diluted worm wee or seasol
  • weed between the new seedings
  • clear zucchini plants once they have finished producing
  • more root vegie seeds to be sown in the those mandalas

Next, we have another eight morning sessions, coordinated by Nina and/or Tiffany. Just turn up around 9.30 am, Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Saturdays, there will be bacon and egg sangas for helpers (gold coin donation).

  • clean up and weed area between strawberry bed, sharing shed and olive (weed mat is being considered: to be costed for committee approval)
  • weed each fruit tree - then a layer of cardboard/old carpet to discourage weed growth
  • mulch each fruit tree to the dripline, keeping the trunk clear
  • clean up and weed around and between artichoke bed and raised bed - use wood from that bed to build up around artichoke bed
  • weed paths in private plot areas, and area vacated by Barwon Health in the south-west
  • weed between tennis courts and wind break
  • mulch these areas (two items above) - first layering with cardboard/old carpet to discourage weed growth. 

That should keep us busy!

With thanks and cheers!




Posted on April 26, 2017 .