Danawa in Summer

Quick Summary
End of year social, Grants, Cadel Evans fundraiser, new time and dates for Working Bees, etc. 

We wish all members a very Happy Christmas and peaceful, fun-filled New Year!

Christmas get together with music
Saturday – tomorrow! - 9 December. 
1 to 4pm.  BYO food and drink for lunch or afternoon tea.  And, if you have one, your musical instrument to join in music making and singing carols. We'll be trying out the new generator!

Just confirming our earlier email - Torquay Community Enterprises awarded us a grant to purchase a generator, which we will use for the first time on Saturday. A big thanks to TCE!
More good news: The Surf Coast Shire awarded the Garden a grant to install a watering system for the main communal beds (north mandalas). We appreciate the Shire's continuous support!

Until we get a team together to install the watering system, we’ll need a couple more on the watering roster for Wednesday and a back-up person for regulars. 
A big thanks to regular waterers for keeping the plants alive!
Sunday: Meg, Monday: Jeff, Tuesday: Lynda,Thursday: Judy/ Dani, Friday: Graeme, Saturday: Giuliana 

Working Bees
We’re starting to call them what they are – not just planting, we do a range of chores while socialising and always feel better for it! Come along and meet new and old members.
Now from 9 to 11am to beat the heat.
This Sunday 10 December – because we’re running out of time this side of New Year.
Second Saturday and fourth Sunday in the new year: 13th and 28th January; 10th and 25th February.

A lot of unwanted stuff has been cleared and bricks have been stacked out of the way. The mowers and whipper snippers have levelled the tall growth around the ditches as well as kept the huge areas of grass in check. Steve and his team are working wonders in the compost bins. 

We've almost completed re-netting the small apricot tree, and finished netting the other one. 
Giuliana pulled out the unwanted undergrowth under the bigger apricot tree and elsewhere. She also cleared a lot of couch, cleared the finished celery, silverbeet, some lettuce and spinach. Giuliana also prepared the soil and planted seedlings from the hot house, broccoli, broccolini, silverbeet, corn, cucumbers, squash and the odd onion. She lifted seeded onions and repositioned them, cleared out the hot house of all the useless punnets (thanks Nina for weeding in there), and rejuvenated the seed raising mix!  Probably three working bees in one! Thanks Giuliana. 

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race
If you haven’t checked it out – please go to the Cadel Evans website and register as a Volunteer (remember to name Danawa Community Garden, and team leader June Marks). I’ve asked for a list of our team so far, and will get in touch with you nearer to the date. Let me know if you’ve already volunteered, and thanks!
It’s a fun event and you’ll receive at-shirt¸ cap¸ exclusive gift, food and water.

Life Member
Congratulations Rob Porter, recognised for his many years of service: the constant grass mowing and the recent scrub clearance! 

Website payment facility
We are closing the Danawa website payment facility in the next few days. Had many problems with it and its not necessary when its just as easy to EFT or deposit at Bendigo Bank. 

Unfortunately a couple of members are still ignoring our request to close the unauthorised Facebook page in opposition to our members Danawa Gardeners.  Please ignore them and, if you have any concerns, or would like an update on this situation, email danawacommunitygarden@gmail.com

Invasive weeds
Check your private plot for anything like mint, or any plants gone to seed which have a tendency to take over. A couple of recently vacated plots will be cleared on Sunday or before.

No minutes attached. Please email or ask if you need any information. 

Check out our regular article in Springboard, the Spring Creek Community House publication.

Happy gardening together!
On behalf of our Committee

Posted on December 10, 2017 .