Outcomes AGM 2016-2017

The AGM went well last Thursday, 3 August 2017, with 15 members in attendance.  In addition, 28 members were represented by proxies.

New Committee Members

There being only one nomination received for seven of the eight roles on the new Committee; these were elected unopposed.  Two nominations were submitted for Gardening Coordinator, Nina Travis and Giuliana Talbot, and a secret ballot was held.  The new Committee comprises:

Richard Marks, President

Kay Champion, Vice President

June Marks, Secretary

Simon Walsh, Treasurer

Nikki Barnes, Membership Secretary

Giuliana Talbot, Gardening Coordinator

Lynda Harding, Social Secretary

John Harrison, Coordinator of Maintenance and Building

In addition, 'Plugga' Newton, a founding member of the garden, accepted the role of Propagation Manager on the 1st August, and this will be ratified at the next Committee meeting. We will be aiming to use Danawa seeds rather than buying in seedlings, and Plugga has a great deal of expertise to offer. 

New Subscriptions and Plot Fees

We also voted in favour of an increase in membership subscriptions and plot fees. The aim is to work within the budget provided by fees for the basic gardening inputs, rather than rely on fundraising, often left to a few who quickly burn out. Small grants applications will be submitted for particular projects. 

The fees and subscriptions up to this point in time have remained the same since at least 2005, when they were: Singles $10 plus $25 for a plot ($35); Family $25 plus $25 for a plot ($50). The mix of the costs changed in 2008 to $25 single and $35 family, plus $15 for a plot ($40 Single, $50 Family). 

It was agreed that the new fees be $30 for Singles and $50 for Families, plus $25 for a private plot rental; and that the fees for this financial year be payable by 31 August 2017.  

Congratulations have been conveyed to the new Committee members and thanks to those who continue to serve.

Kind regards


Posted on August 7, 2017 .