Pizza demo and eat!

Several members know how to use the pizza oven, but many are new to the idea.

Richard will run through some basics at the working bee this Saturday, 9 February, with Giuliana sharing her pizza dough recipe. On Wednesday, 13 Feb we will be firing up the pizza oven.

Join us for an extra working bee on the Wednesday and be back at the Garden at 5pm for some pizza. BYO drinks and ingredients with your own pizza base (more dough will be available), ready to put in the oven.

Posted on February 7, 2019 .

A brief update

Members will have received emails, in the last few months of 2018 and early in the New Year, informing them of progress at the Garden, fundraisers, Christmas greetings, a schedule of summer planting and invitation to the Christmas end of year get together.

Our small fundraiser on Saturday 22 September was a BBQ at Woolworths, Torquay. We found it a fun way to raise a modest amount of money ($280 profit) and decided to try for a Bunnings BBQ in January. This was held on Saturday 5 January and twelve people volunteered for the roster. It all worked brilliantly and we raised over $1000. There will be a repeat of this on Saturday 16 March - with hopefully a similar result.

The Surf Coast Shire supports the Garden by mulching woody material, pruned branches, and supplying extra mulch when needed. This was eagerly applied to beds and pathways in preparation for a hot summer.

In addition a Shire representative is working with the Surf Coast community gardens to help us develop links and a shared calendar of workshops/events/information.

In October, Bunnings donated outdoor paints to replenish and add to the totem pole signs identifying communal beds. We had one or two sessions where children and then a budding artist began the process. It proved to be quite a project - 22 totem poles - which was completed by a committee member. All signs are now installed.

At the December social, while some members joined guests providing some live music, others discussed ideas for 2019. At the next committee meeting it was decided to develop these ideas: including planting at each working bee, draw up a schedule of seeds to be raised and planting for the whole year, conduct short workshops or talks at each working bee including mushrooms, carrots, compost, bee keeping, etc.

New members have joined us and more ideas are flowing in. An official newsletter was put out in February with a request for someone to take it on. This is happening and the new look newsletter will come out each month and be linked to the INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS page.

Posted on February 7, 2019 .

Committee Report for year ended 30 June 2018

This has been a challenging year, as you are all aware, and, at the outset, the Committee would like to thank you all for your support, particularly for attending the recent General Meeting, or sending along your apologies. 

Despite the distractions, the Garden is in great shape and there are a lot of ideas coming in for improvements, not only for the physical space but also for building the community.  One example has been the musical moments held twice through the year and enjoyed by the ten, and then twenty or so who attended or took part.  Another example is the planned renovation of the outdoor space in front of the pizza oven – making room for sitting in the sun during the colder days.  We are also excited about the seven raised beds and the watering system which can now be installed.  The two grants received, one for the watering system, and the other for a generator to power tools, etc., have been another encouraging step forward.

The Committee would like to acknowledge the eight years contribution made by Kay and Ian Champion who have moved across the Bay. Kay always put her hand up to help in any direction and we valued her support.  Rob Porter, another long-term helper, has been beavering away with the lawn mower consistently through the years, and Graeme always turns up when needed.  We also need to mention Steve and his composting team, which has included Felix and now Aiden, as well as Mark - really enthusiastic and producing such good material for the Garden.  

Other new members, like Aiden, who have contributed to our working bees include Louise, Jeff, Lynne, Melissa, Kay, Bec, Hayley, Jenny, Joanne and Jessica.  We’ve had 17 new members join during the year, and not all have been able to really get involved.  Jeff has been tireless in his clearing of weeds and scrub, and planting ‘magic beans’. Louise and Jeff helped with the dirty job of shaking out the tennis court matting and hauling it on site for use as weed mats.  Finally, Melissa stepped in as Treasurer and greatly assisted on legal matters.

We’ve enjoyed good times together during the working bees and the Committee is keen to let every member feel that they can contribute in some way. Today, we’ve started the conversation, asking you to come up with tasks you think need doing, and resources you may have that can help – your time, knowledge and/or equipment. 

Education is now a priority and Hayley has introduced a permaculture group and we’ve begun creating fact sheets and posting them up on the board. This is a project that can be developed with all of us contributing and learning together.  Promotion of the Garden to our friends and acquaintances is another recommendation in order for more to enjoy the space and help build its future.

The Garden has a lot to offer all of us and we look forward to being a part of many happy and interesting times to come.

Richard Marks
On behalf of the Committee
29 July 2018

Posted on September 20, 2018 .

September news

Greetings to all!

It’s been a busy month or so since the AGM and, now that almost all dues are in, we can concentrate on some fundraising, maintenance and improvements of the Garden, and some socializing!  

Thank you to all who have paid their fees, and especially to those Life Members who have also paid – we greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

Big thanks to regular workers who either do a bit when they tend their own plot and/or help at working bees, watering.  Please don’t be shy – visit the Garden and note what you managed to do in the Site Diary (in the desk next to the white board) so the next visiting member knows what has been done, or what needs to be completed.

Before you leave the site, please double-check that all doors are properly locked.

New Members: 
Welcome Jackie (Jacqui) and Michael Powell!  We all look forward to sharing the Garden with you.  
Always looking for new members to enjoy the space, and help build the community.

Springboard and Website
Check out the latest Springboard issue – the newsletter from the Spring Creek Community House. We post an article in it each quarter.

Dennis of Zing Studio recently helped me straighten out a couple of things on the website. Much appreciated, especially as he had just gone to Europe for a break!  Eventually, would love to convert these emails to a more professional look. Will ask Dennis – and always happy for another member to get involved.

To keep fees down while providing the resources needed to run the Garden, the Committee is inviting all members to participate in fundraising efforts. 

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race –  an easy, fun way of raising money.  All the Committee have signed up. Please come on board!  Register for one or more of these days and designate Danawa at Spring Creek Community Garden as your charity and the team leader, June Marks.

Volunteer for one or more of these days (you get $50 paid to the Garden for each session you do): Sunday 20 January through to Monday 28 January 2019

It is a well run event. You will be allocated your position in Torquay just before, or on the day, so they can maximise resources.  (Take your phone with you to notify familiy/friends of your whereabouts if needed.) Richard and I have volunteered for several years and its an easy way to contribute to your community.

BBQ at Woolworths 

Our first gig is tomorrow, Saturday 22 September! Giuliana secured us a spot on the Woolworths list. Come along and support your Garden either by volunteering for an hour (or putting your name down for the future) or buying a sausage.  Tell your friends! (Woolworths, central Torquay.)

Food Swap
Garden members have been pondering this for a while. We think it could happen each Working Bee, second Saturday of each month. What do you think? Bring along any excess vegetables/fruit, swap with others. This could develop into a fundraiser for the Garden – open to the general public.

Thank you to those who are assisting Richard complete the automatic watering system. He needs help this Saturday and Sunday from 10am.  Richard thinks it can be extended to the South communal beds too.  This will be a great help for the time-challenged watering team!

Working Bee
We love meeting up with members at the regular, second Saturday of each month working bees. There are a variety of tasks and we are making progress. Bring your ideas along. Enjoy some time out over a cuppa. Here are some:
- Clearing the area in front of the pizza oven so that we can use the space for socialising, enjoying the sun.
- Continue weeding between plots, laying down tennis court matting and mulch.

At the next Working Bee, lets plan events for October and Christmas.

Always happy to hear your suggestions.

Posted on September 20, 2018 .

Gardening in July

We hope you’re making the most of these sunny days in Winter – glorious!

A warm welcome to our newest member Joanne.  Thank you Joanne for already attending a working bee – great to have you join us! Also, Lee with another representative of Community Connections (Karingal) is in the process of finalising their membership so that their group can start work on plot 29.

A shout of thanks to Ryan too, not a member – yet , but helped install all the raised beds. And welcome home Judy and Steve, and others who’ve had a break.

AGM and more
The Committee is currently finalising the business to be covered at our AGM, so a notice will go out to you next week with the date, agenda and attaching nomination forms.

We are inviting all members to get involved in a way that suits their talents/interests. There are many things that help keep a happy, flourishing gardening community going.  We will put out a preliminary list which you can add to either before or at the AGM. For example, it would be great if a member could put together a decent newsletter and someone else can modernize our website. I’ve just been skimming the surface! Other skills are organising morning teas, social and community events, mowing, fundraising, etc.

Working Bee
Our next working bee is Saturday 14 July.  We are making the time from 10am through to 1pm for winter.  Drop in when you can to help and bring your ideas of what you would like included or changed at the Garden. If you can only get there after 1pm, give us an email and someone will be there to meet with you.

Raised beds
You’ll see on Facebook that Lynda has acquired a load of manure from another horse (or two). Composted manure will be used in layers with soil and newspaper/grassclippings/straw-hay/leafy plants/old veg, etc. to finishing filling the raised beds. We will make a start on this and put up a note on the whiteboard at the Garden so that you can add whatever when you visit.

Do you have a trailer?
The manure needs to be collected and offloaded at the Garden. Let us know if you have a trailer and car to tow it! 

Happy gardening everyone J

On behalf of the Committee

Posted on June 28, 2018 .

Danawa in June-July

A brief note to say that all is well at the Garden!  Many are away for the winter break and an update will be posted shortly on the upcoming working bees, fresh ideas, new members and the AGM.

Happy Gardening!


Posted on June 24, 2018 .

Danawa March-April

On behalf of Danawa Community Garden, we warmly welcome Taryn and Aiden, Tim, and Rebecca to the Association. We know you’ll enjoy spending time in the Garden, and being part of this caring community.

Overview:   Working bees, Musical moments, those jolly locks!, etc.

Working Bee
Our next monthly Working Bee will be on Saturday 14 April (second Saturday in the month).
But before that – join us for more musical moments on Saturday 24 March – see below!

Monster March working bee:  It was a fantastic turn-out last Saturday: fifteen members, including five of our newest members, plus Meg’s fun-loving children.  Some photos below for those who aren’t on Facebook, Danawa Gardeners, or haven’t seen some of these images yet:  

Clearing the communal plots that will be replaced with raised beds, and clearing five raised beds that will be used for autumn planting while new communal beds are being built.

We also lightly pruned half the trees in the north end of the garden, and began corrective pruning (after consulting an expert) on the pear, apple and plum trees in the south end. This will encourage tall vase shapes, making it safer to walk and mow the grass between the trees. Pruning of the plum tree last year resulted in a platter shape, so this should promote a more vertical direction.          

Musical moments
The Mens’ Shed and Balalaika players will be back on Saturday 24 March, 3 to 6pm.  We’ll have song sheets for you to join in the singing, or bring a musical instrument. A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Sadly, more equipment has gone missing from the shed and the locks have been found in place but showing the code. We will need to change the locks so let us know if you need access. For security, ensure that when you’ve opened the lock (and door), you spin the wheels straight away. Similarly, when locking up, it’s important to spin them again after using the code.

Things to do between working bees
Pull a weed or two as you water your plot, or water the communal beds. Also, we are starting to systematically remove old/withered/partly eaten fruit from the trees. John Purtill emphasised this as a basic task for maintaining their health, along with removing any diseased or broken twigs or branches. Cut just above a healthy bud.

We have a few jobs to complete during autumn/winter. Richard will be approaching people in the next while to see if you’re interested.

Clearing the drain
A big thanks to Dan for helping clear the drain that runs through the Garden. Really important to keep this clear of weeds, pulled weeds and plants, tree branches, etc.  The grass will also be kept low to help keep this clean. 

Posted on April 18, 2018 .

Danawa News 2018

The New Year brings delicious fruit to harvest, new members, new working bees!

Fruit picking - join us tomorrow (February) in the Garden at 4.30pm. Most of the late season fruit is ready to harvest!

The apple and pear trees are bursting with fruit and ready to pick! Heritage apples (the dwarf ones), Granny Smith, Jonathon, and more ... Even the apples and pears fallen to the ground and/or sampled by the birds are gorgeous! There are Packham’s Triumph pears, Beurre Brosc and William Bon Chretien pears ready for the picking.

The Green Gage or Golden Gage plums were harvested by Tiffany Bennett the other day – if you’re in contact with her, see if you can have a few.  

Quince  The Quince tree is laden with fruit.  Great for paste or just stew with honey for a mouthwatering dessert.


New Members: Welcome to Lynne Ferguson, Melissa Cox, Jenny Norman and Kay Comodromos!  


 f  Danawa Gardener

Remember, this is our Facebook page. Recipes are always gladly received as well as tips on gardening, or notice of excess produce to share. 

Sadly, Tiffany Bennett and Nina Travis are still operating an unauthorised page passing off as Danawa Community Garden which confuses new members and the public in general. We've formally asked Tiff three times to close it down. 

Music in the Garden: the mandalin players and Mens' Shed can't wait to return for some more music making. Will keep you posted!

Compost and ponies!  Just in case you missed it in the Surf Coast Times or on Danawa Gardeners ...

Thanks again Steve and Lulubelle, with help from Felix and Mark Drill. 

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race - Four members and another 7 friends raised $550 by volunteering. A big thank you to Giuliana, Lynda, Donna, Colin, David, Joan, David Boyle, Marjorie and Bill, Richard. 

Shed - and locks! Two mattocks, a potato fork and crowbar went missing. The shed has been found to be unlocked on several occasions. Make sure you spin wheels after locking to ensure you scramble the code.

Vandals - The Shire is looking into helping us out with security over weekends. 

Watering Team -  The plants and trees thank you Meg (Sun) Jeff (Mon) Lynda (Tue) June (Wed) Judy/Dani (Thur) Graeme (Fri) and Giuliana (Sat).  

Watering system - The main north communal beds will be gradually revamped with help from members. The round shapes will be replaced with raised rectangle beds, allowing plenty of room for wheelbarrows and access from the driveway to the shelter.  

Working Bee - Just once a month now - call in between 10am and 4pm the second Saturday of each month. Steve was saying it was a great help to him working as a team - it seriously cuts voluntary labour in half!

Payments - EFT details are given below and on the Become a Member page. There is no longer a facility for direct payments from  
BSB 633 000 Account No. 143328003 

Posted on February 27, 2018 .

Danawa in Summer

Quick Summary
End of year social, Grants, Cadel Evans fundraiser, new time and dates for Working Bees, etc. 

We wish all members a very Happy Christmas and peaceful, fun-filled New Year!

Christmas get together with music
Saturday – tomorrow! - 9 December. 
1 to 4pm.  BYO food and drink for lunch or afternoon tea.  And, if you have one, your musical instrument to join in music making and singing carols. We'll be trying out the new generator!

Just confirming our earlier email - Torquay Community Enterprises awarded us a grant to purchase a generator, which we will use for the first time on Saturday. A big thanks to TCE!
More good news: The Surf Coast Shire awarded the Garden a grant to install a watering system for the main communal beds (north mandalas). We appreciate the Shire's continuous support!

Until we get a team together to install the watering system, we’ll need a couple more on the watering roster for Wednesday and a back-up person for regulars. 
A big thanks to regular waterers for keeping the plants alive!
Sunday: Meg, Monday: Jeff, Tuesday: Lynda,Thursday: Judy/ Dani, Friday: Graeme, Saturday: Giuliana 

Working Bees
We’re starting to call them what they are – not just planting, we do a range of chores while socialising and always feel better for it! Come along and meet new and old members.
Now from 9 to 11am to beat the heat.
This Sunday 10 December – because we’re running out of time this side of New Year.
Second Saturday and fourth Sunday in the new year: 13th and 28th January; 10th and 25th February.

A lot of unwanted stuff has been cleared and bricks have been stacked out of the way. The mowers and whipper snippers have levelled the tall growth around the ditches as well as kept the huge areas of grass in check. Steve and his team are working wonders in the compost bins. 

We've almost completed re-netting the small apricot tree, and finished netting the other one. 
Giuliana pulled out the unwanted undergrowth under the bigger apricot tree and elsewhere. She also cleared a lot of couch, cleared the finished celery, silverbeet, some lettuce and spinach. Giuliana also prepared the soil and planted seedlings from the hot house, broccoli, broccolini, silverbeet, corn, cucumbers, squash and the odd onion. She lifted seeded onions and repositioned them, cleared out the hot house of all the useless punnets (thanks Nina for weeding in there), and rejuvenated the seed raising mix!  Probably three working bees in one! Thanks Giuliana. 

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race
If you haven’t checked it out – please go to the Cadel Evans website and register as a Volunteer (remember to name Danawa Community Garden, and team leader June Marks). I’ve asked for a list of our team so far, and will get in touch with you nearer to the date. Let me know if you’ve already volunteered, and thanks!
It’s a fun event and you’ll receive at-shirt¸ cap¸ exclusive gift, food and water.

Life Member
Congratulations Rob Porter, recognised for his many years of service: the constant grass mowing and the recent scrub clearance! 

Website payment facility
We are closing the Danawa website payment facility in the next few days. Had many problems with it and its not necessary when its just as easy to EFT or deposit at Bendigo Bank. 

Unfortunately a couple of members are still ignoring our request to close the unauthorised Facebook page in opposition to our members Danawa Gardeners.  Please ignore them and, if you have any concerns, or would like an update on this situation, email

Invasive weeds
Check your private plot for anything like mint, or any plants gone to seed which have a tendency to take over. A couple of recently vacated plots will be cleared on Sunday or before.

No minutes attached. Please email or ask if you need any information. 

Check out our regular article in Springboard, the Spring Creek Community House publication.

Happy gardening together!
On behalf of our Committee

Posted on December 10, 2017 .

Danawa in November

A warm welcome to our new member, Amy!

Lots on at Danawa this weekend, also get in early to register for the Cadel Evans fundraiser, and join in the Christmas event. 

Pick ‘n’ Plant

BYO this Saturday and the pizza oven will be fired up to heat up or cook your pizza/food following the regular 2-4pm session. There’s planting, tennis court matting, weeding and mulching, and sharing ripe vegetables. 

Remember, helping in the Garden together is a fun and rewarding part of being a member of the community garden.

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

Don’t like baking cakes or fundraising sausage sizzles?  Here’s a fun way to raise $50 each to help fund garden supplies and minor improvements this year. 

Go to Cadel Evans website and register to help, naming Danawa Community Garden as your community group. Encourage friends to register too - so far, we have four people from outside the Garden nominating Danawa to benefit from their volunteering. 

Click on this link:

You will put in a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday in Torquay either assisting with registration, set up/pack down, course marshalling. If you get in early you can choose the most convenient street intersection where you’ll be positioned as the contestants ride by. In return, you’ll receive a t-shirt¸ cap¸ exclusive gift, food and water.


We’ve applied for grants – including one to help manage vandalism and security generally, and a generator.

Christmas get together with music

BYO food and drink – the pizza oven will be on - Saturday 2 December 4-8 pm.  Bring along your musical instrument and join in some singing - all ages of course. We will have sheets of music/words.

Sun Bear Children’s Festival

Take the children along this Sunday 11 – 3pm, Spring Creek Reserve (including Danawa) for this annual festival. Tickets at


Unfortunately a couple of members have started up their own unauthorised Facebook page titled Danawa Community Garden in opposition to Danawa’s Facebook presence, Danawa Gardeners.  Please ignore this and, if you have any concerns, email

Mint and private plots

A reminder that mint is best grown in pots, otherwise it will take over your plots, and paths.


On behalf of the Committee

Posted on December 10, 2017 .